Minnesota – Juvenile Court Representation

In today’s world, nothing gets written off as “kids will be kids” any more. 
If your child has been charged with a crime, it is important to fight to keep it off their record.

Don’t let the law close doors on your child’s future
From being ineligible for scholarships to affecting your child’s application prospects, a conviction could have dire consequences.

Yes, you want to teach your children about character – they should have to face the music if they committed a crime, but NOT at the expense of their education!

Let Oleisky & Oleisky be your child’s advocate
In juvenile court, you appear before only a judge – there’s no jury to appeal to.

Your lawyer has to be able to speak on your child’s behalf and find a way to let the judge see your child’s act for it is – a kid’s mistake.

Don’t believe the movies – your record ISN’T wiped clean at age 18

  • DWI / DUI
  • Drug offenses
  • Criminal sexual conduct
  • Theft
  • Traffic violations
  • Assault
  • Gun charges
We can represent any level of crime

  • Felony
  • Gross misdemeanor
  • Misdemeanor
  • Petty misdemeanor
Would you want your youthful discretions to come back to haunt you? Let us protect your child’s future – call Oleisky & Oleisky PA today at 612-332-3100 to be an advocate for your child in the juvenile court system.