Minnesota DWI/DUI

You need to know the stakes if you’ve been charged with a DWI. A DWI charge can mean more than just a fine. You could also have your license revoked, your vehicle seized, and your insurance rates can go up. So it’s important that you have a skilled and experienced attorney by your side.

When you call Oleisky & Oleisky, P.A., you’ll get an attorney that is focused on an aggressive defense of your personal right while respecting the integrity of the law. We’ll determine the facts of your case in your free initial consultation.

DUI representation can protect you from harsh fines

  • Was the stop legal?
  • Did the officer have cause to search your person?
  • Was the field sobriety test properly administered?
  • Did the officer invoke implied consent properly?
  • Was the breath test properly administered?

We’re available when you are
For your convenience, we’re available 24 / 7 by phone or email. If you call after business hours, we’ll contact you the first chance we get. If you’ve been incarcerated, we accept collect calls.

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